A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

The world’s global networks and all data has been corrupted. Your Mission is to restore the world’s networks by restoring computer's data. Play through 2 main modes which include Corrupted Mode and Recovery Mode.

Recovery Mode

Restore a whole continent's data by collecting data through destroying enemy's in levels. 

Corrupted Mode

Restore computer's data from each continent.

Corrupt Web by Dynamic ASC for the 2022 Australian Stem Video Game Challange

Dynamic ASC - Team Code: CEF35647

2022 - Project Cyberduck: 

Website - https://projectcyberduck.us.to

Discord - https://projectcyberduck.us.to/discord


Corrupt-Web_Linux.zip 69 MB
Corrupt-Web_MacOS.zip 82 MB
Corrupt-Web_Windows.zip 62 MB

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